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Melody Peng is an actress and writer from Rochester, MI. Before moving to LA, she earned a BBA and BA from the University of Michigan, then spent a few years working in corporate retail. 


Her decision to transition industries came one cold winter day in Minneapolis when she was crossing the street on her way to work. A giant semi-truck came screeching to a halt on a patch of black ice, nearly running her over. In her potential last moments, her only thought was, "Maybe if I get hit by this truck, I won't have to go into work today." 


She then began the slow transition toward pursuing acting and writing full-time. 


Since moving to LA, she discovered a love of improv. Her training at both Groundlings and UCB have helped her land numerous voiceover, commercial, film, and TV credits.

When she's not in the recording booth or on set, she enjoys doing yoga, watching South Park, and stalking her exes on Instagram. Her most candid and embarrassing life moments are chronicled in her blog, which she probably won't share with her children one day. 

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