Welcome to my super secret collection of past self-tapes.

Click on any video to be taken to the unlisted Youtube link!

Comedy: Mike Schur pilot- Hacks, upbeat, flighty casino dealer

Comedy: ABC Paul Feig Pilot, got callback, comedy, quirky, people-pleasing office assistant

Comedy: ABC pilot Night School- wry, sardonic, trust-fund millennial. Acts cool to cover up loneliness

Comedy: Doogie Kamealoha- Disney+ single-cam, flirty, fun medical resident

Drama: Purge, FBI noob, first day on the job, nervous, techie, on the computer a lot

Comedy: Disney multi-cam Bunk'd, sarcastic, calculating reality show producer who stirs up drama

Comedy: Indie feature- naive, optimistic best friend and doer of all odd-jobs

Drama: Terminal List- sharp, intense investigative reporter with background in Special Forces

Comedy: Work Wife- ABC single-cam pilot. Quirky, overachieving, wannabe real estate mogul.

Drama: Teen drama Trinkets, troubled, snarky high school klepto dating a jerk

Comedy: pilot with Kenan Thompson, quirky office co-worker, prototype Melissa Fumero on Brooklyn 99

Drama: The Rookie, cop who follows protocol

Drama: Deputy- FOX cop drama, friendly, quirky but professional nurse

Dramedy: Emily In Paris, coming of age story, trilingual nanny to 2 small children, upbeat, friendly, quirky, stern

Comedy: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, fast-paced dialogue, runs an illegal gambling ring

Comedy: Disney + pilot Turner and Hooch- awkward, adorkable dog trainer

Comedy: Feisty, uninhibited, sexually open, kinda wild. Prototype Ali Wong

Comedy: Jaded Gen Z computer hacker on Leverage

Comedy: Nickelodeon multi-cam pilot Warped- high strung manager of a comic book store

Drama: Outpost- petulant, strong-willed teenager confronts parents about applying to West Point.

Comedy: Sherlock, detective, comedy, British accent, children's show

Comedy: girl goes on awkward date with guy from the Internet

Drama: Light as a Feather, older sister, party girl, popular, snobby type

Drama/Horror: Umma, teen grows up on isolated farm with mom who might be a psycho

Drama: Chicago Fire- paramedic, fun, charming, witty, lots of medical jargon

Comedy: Comic relief in dark teenage thriller pilot, witty, dry, addicted to phone

Comedy: Sydney to the Max, quirky school nutritionist, health-nut